Want to stay in the loop on what’s going on in your neighborhood? You can attend this year’s HOA meeting without leaving the comfort of your couch. We will be updating the HOA on important issues such as the summer road, general road maintenance, and this year’s chipping program.

Do you want to be part of helping the neighborhood with planning for the future? Our board is looking for a few new members. The commitment is for two years, and we usually meet 2-3 times during the year, so the commitment is minimal. More information will be provided at the meeting.

Due to Covid-19 concerns, this years meeting will be held virtually on Zoom. If you would like to participate, please email sahfahoa@gmail.com for the Zoom information.

The minutes from the St Anton Highlands First Addition Home Owners Association’s annual meeting on May 14th, 2019 are now available on the Annual Meeting Minutes Page.

The HOA 2018 financials are now available on the Financials page. Enjoy!

Our Community Workday is confirmed for Saturday June 8th . We are going to do it a little differently this year. Our plan is to do all the tree felling and limbing in the week prior to the event and focus on hauling slash during the workday. We will be having a BBQ / potluck at noon as in the past. If you would like help with fire mitigation on your property or can volunteer as a sawyer before the event or hauling slash on the day of the event please send an email to sahfahoa@gmail.com. We are also looking for a someone to host the BBQ. See the HOA Community Workdays page for more details!