Information for Homeowners

Annual Dues are $175 this year and are billed on July 1st.  

Annual dues are used to maintain the HOA backroads, the Summer Rd, support HOA forestry initiatives, and pay for accounting and insurance expenses. This year, a significant amount of dues are being used to defend the HOA interests in lawsuit filed by Van Sickle, who is trying to gain Quiet Title to the Summer Road. HOA Board members are volunteers and receive no compensation.

Backroads snow removal dues are typically less than $200.00 and billed on September 1st.

Snow removal dues are billed to every lot owner with a driveway on the backroads.  These dues are used to pay for snow removal on our backroads (Conifer, Cougar Run, Shady Hollow, and Rocky Knob).  Snow is plowed on the backroads whenever there is 6″ of accumulation.  During big storms we will continue to plow ever 6″ until 7PM or until the total snowfall accumulation reaches 24″.  After 2′ of snowfall a plow can no longer effectively throw the snow off the roadway and plowing will cease.  At that time, we’ll call in a front loader to open up the backroads the next day.  Please DO NOT park on the roadways during snow storms.  Vacant lots are not charged any snow removal dues. Driveway snow plowing is not included in dues.

We use the following formula to determine the snow removal dues each summer:

(Average of top three years snow removal expenses + nine reserve plowings – snow removal bank account balance) divided by number of lots = dues. One plowing currently costs ~$700.00

Late Fees:  Late Fees are assessed when an account is 30 days past due.  The current rate charged on overdue accounts is 5% (annual) compounding monthly.

Lien/Lien Release Fee: Accounts that are 6 Months Past Due may have a Lien filed against the property and recorded with Boulder County Clerk and Recorder.  A $50 fee will be assessed to file the lien and another $50 fee will be assessed to remove the lien.  The total fee for recording a lien and a lien release is $100 and will be required to be paid in full with the outstanding account balance prior to the recording of the lien release.

HOA fiscal year is January 1st – December 31st

Water, sewer, trash, and recycling are NOT included in the HOA Dues


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