HOA Curbside Slash Chipping Program – June 29th, 2015

HOA Curbside Slash Chipping Program: June 29th, 2015.  The HOA Board is building on the success of last year’s event where we saw 63 out of our 95 property owners participate and remove over 1700 cubic yards of slash from the neighborhood.  Our Curbside Slash Chipping Program is designed to help you maximize your efforts mitigating your property, reducing the time and energy spent dealing with the slash.  Invest your time into clearing out trees and brush in your defensible space zone 1, limbing trees in zones 2 and 3, clearing out beetle kill and dead trees, and then just drag the slash and brush to the curb.  Phil and Jane Pitzer from High Timber Firewood and Logging will chip and haul the slash and brush from there.  There is no additional cost to participate in this program.  The HOA was again awarded a grant this year from Boulder County Forest Health in the amount of $4000 through their Community Chipping Reimbursement Program.  This is a 50/50 matching grant.  In lieu of using general funds this year our HOA will contribute an in-kind match of 160 volunteer hours during our Community Workdays.  For additional information, program rules, and pictures of how (and how not to) stage your […]