Curb Side Chipping Scheduled for Monday, June 10th

Thanks to a grant from Boulder County secured by Director Jamie Carpenter, we will continue the HOA curbside chipping program this year. Boulder County has chosen to focus the resources in the grant on those properties that are in the Wildfire Partners Program. If your property is in the Wildfire Partners Program, the HOA will cover the cost of the curbside chipping. You do NOT need to have completed the program. You only need to have completed the assessment by June 5th. The good news is that the Wildfire Partners initial assessments are FREE in May. This is a great program that benefits our entire community. Check out their website (  for more information. Non-Wildfire Partner Properties will receive a $25 credit for the cost of chipping the slash at the property and will be billed for the balance due. The average property costs $100 – $200 to chip and haul the slash.To be included on the pickup schedule we are giving to the contractor, you must email the following information by Monday, June 3rd:
– Your name
– Your street address
– The location(s) and rough sizes of your slash pile for pickup
If you have any questions, please ask! Email us and we’ll try to answer back as quickly as we can.

See the HOA Community Chipping page for information on how to stage your slash.